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A holistic and evolutionary vision of orthodontics and the treatment of dental occlusion that manages to position the teeth in a conscious and painless way.

Dentosophy is a new understanding of orthodontics, with a holistic and evolutionary vision of the treatment of occlusions. By means of activators similar to a dental splint, we position the teeth in a conscious and painless way, seeking balance in the occlusion.

Dentosophie is a new way of understanding the world of teeth and restoring health. It consists of a holistic dental treatment that restores the vegetative neurological functions of the oral system to rebalance the mouth and thus treat various oral problems such as malocclusions. This novel approach effectively corrects oral imbalances and activates the human body’s own regenerative potential, thus restoring overall physical and mental well-being.

It is an innovative alternative way to avoid the extraction of teeth that are poorly positioned or do not have enough space in the mouth. An innovative way to correct occlusions in adults and children in a non-traumatic way that helps us to correct our occlusion, posture and frees us from thought patterns that hinder us in our evolution in life.

A new way of working evolutionary patient and dentist to reach a complete wellness of the patient, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Problems such as back pain, nightmares, allergies and sleep disorders can be treated from the oral cavity with simple treatment.