Neural therapy is a holistic medical practice whose objective is to restore your potential for self-recovery, self-healing and self-organisation, enabling a more harmonious relationship with all your being (body, energy, mind and spirit).

It’s much more than a simple therapy. It’s a revolutionary method for soothing pain and treating different acute, chronic and degenerative illnesses. It is holistic because it treats the organism as a whole, completely regulating and balancing the vegetative nervous system.

In this therapy we use micro doses of local anaesthetics, preferably procaine, on painful points: scars, geloses, glands, ganglia and other non-holistic interfering dental work. It reestablishes the altered and unhealthy biological order, changing and reaching a new equilibrium within our patient’s body system.

This is why Neurofocal Dentistry (which applies Neural therapy to dentistry and deeply studies the relationship between the teeth and the different parts of the body) always tries to neutralise these interfering fields and makes sure its intervention doesn’t have an effect on the neurological level.

Not using toxic elements in the mouth, getting rid of the interfering fields and reestablishing the individual’s global system order, we are able turn dentistry into a whole and holistic therapy which benefits the physical, energetic and emotional systems of our patient. Neural Therapy is also known as German Acupuncture.

You may find more information about Neural Therapy at or in reports such as the one published in the magazine Discovery Salud, “Switzerland endorses the therapeutic use of Neural Therapy as secure and efficient”.