What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic concept that respects the person as a unit, and not as an independent set of organs and structures. Osteopathy seeks the recovery of the organic balance through manual techniques and non-invasive treatments as an alternative to health problems and health ailments. Osteopathy is located within the wide range of physiotherapeutic disciplines.

Release the muscular system

The therapeutic objective is to allow the release and mobility of the muscular system, articular, of liquids in general and offer the possibility that the forces of self-healing and inherent vitality, can be manifested.

Various situations such as stress, accidents, operations, bumps, emotional problems, can create tensions and blockages in different parts of the body. Thanks to the holistic concept of osteopathy (which understands the body as a whole), its use is recommended for a wide variety of disorders and organic alterations: osteo-articular and musculo-skeletal, digestive, respiratory, neuronal, TMJ, sleep disorders , Anxiety, fatigue, stress, depression, among others.

Holistic treatment with osteopathy

In HappyClínica the therapeutic approach in each session is different depending on the needs of the patient, where they combine osteopathy, physiotherapy, masotherapy and recommendations or exercises to do at home. Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Therapist: Grace Cabañas (Osteopath and Physiotherapist)