Dental fear is widely extended amongst a wide range of ages and it sometimes makes it difficult to follow regular dental treatments, affecting the patient’s emotional state and self-esteem in his/her daily life. It sometimes generates an anxiety state which affects and limits other activities, relationships, work or dreams.

Many people suffer from fear of the dentist, most of the times caused by negative past experiences, having being treated unkindly, experiencing too much pain and/or not having been listened to properly.

HappyClínica Barcelona has professionals specialised in treating this fear. We use hypnotherapy and NLP to help the patient change his/her fear of going to the dentist into a positive experience to improve one’s health.

Apart from helping the patient completely overcome the fear, we teach the patient to use her/his mental abilities to regulate the sensation of pain and to create her/his own control and relaxation and even local anaesthetic systems, so s/he comes into the practice with a smile and leaves with an even bigger and everlasting smile.

HappyClínica offers a holistic treatment of self-hypnosis, NLP and emotional liberating techniques which help establish the origin of the fear to clear it and help transform it into what the patient wants to feel and experience the specific result which will be obtained.

Our “Dental Phobia or Fear Treatment” consists of:

  • Whole therapy session (1,5/2hrs)
  • Measuring progress, recordings and exercises.
  • Accompanying the patient in the dentist box (depending on the need)

If you are afraid of the dentist and you want to overcome it for once and for all, we invite you to get in touch with us.