Ayurveda Massage Abhyanga Marma

This type of massage is one of the most complete that exist. The main purpose of massage is to mobilize muscles and oxygenate them to activate circulation; Ayurvedic massage stimulates “subtle” points where structural and energetic lines cross. The massage combines a number of techniques, elements, forms and complementary treatments to make the treatment more effective depending on each patient. Abhyanga is one of the basic and essential techniques of the Ayurvedic Indian medicine system.

Phases of treatment

  • Treatment where the whole body is stimulated through the marbling points.
  • It influences all systems of the body, relaxes the nervous system, activates the circulation, lymphatic system and nadis or energy circuit of the body.
  • Treats muscle problems, helps eliminate toxins and releases emotions.
  • The treatment uses herbal pindas, essential oils according to imbalance and healing minerals.

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Price: 60 euros.