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Protection of personal data according to the LOPD

Protection of personal data according to the LOPD

HappyClínica, as the responsible person, informs you of the following aspects that you should know according to the EU Regulation 679/2016 for the protection of personal data:

1º We must arrange and process your data to be able to offer you a correct health care, in accordance with the Law of patient autonomy and preservation of clinical history, purpose that legitimates the treatment of them. It is for this reason, that the data you provide, such as identifying data, contact, clinical history and all those that HappyClinica requests you to be necessary, must be true, as accurate as possible and complete in order to better diagnosis and treatment .

The recipients of the information are the official bodies that, due to legal obligation, have access to it, and those third parties that, due to material necessity, are indispensable to know it in order to ensure the correct provision of assistance that constitutes the purpose of the treatment. These third parties may be prosthetics, collaborating doctors or specialists, subject to professional ethics regulations and the duty of confidentiality, computer service entities that allow us to manage their clinical history through health management applications and accounting and administrative management entities that allow us to Keeping a correct billing of services. With all of them the Clinic has signed confidentiality commitments in order to protect your privacy. These data will be kept by the HappyClínica during the time foreseen in the current regulations on information rights concerning health and patient autonomy. At the end of this period of mandatory conservation will be made available or disposed of through authorized certification companies.

2º In case of acting on behalf of minors or incapacitated persons, they will be asked to prove this condition, taking into account the property of the represented party.

Information will only be provided on the payment of the services to the person who made it, if this does not correspond to the patient.

3º HappyClínica may use the telephone data (sms, watsapp, call) and / or email that you provide us with to send you reminders of the visit, necessary for a correct assistance, to you and to the rest of patients. That is why you are solely responsible for keeping your contact information permanently updated.

4º Throughout the treatment, we inform you that it is possible that we will take facial and oral photographs, with the strict aim of being part of your clinical history and guaranteeing a correct assistance. These will never be used for other purposes without your prior consent.

5º All the information you provide will be treated confidentially, especially health data, all staff being obliged to keep the due secrecy and confidentiality of its contents, in accordance with Law 14/1986, General Health, regulations Protection of personal data and regional regulations on patient rights and management of the applicable Clinical History.

HappyClinica informs you that your data will be computerized in clinical management programs and in documentary support, forming the Clinical History, in the own facilities, applying all the security measures available to safeguard the confidentiality of the same according to the Regulation ( UE) 679/2016 of Protection of personal data. They will not be transferred without your consent nor will they be hosted on platforms and media in third countries. There will be no international data transfers.

6º When the diagnosis or treatment so requires, it will be informed by the corresponding physician (s) of the circumstances of said diagnosis or treatment, and will be requested the provision of the mandatory “informed consent”.

7º We inform you that in those cases in which an external professional, Clinic or non-collaborating Hospital Entity, asks us for information about you, we can not provide it without your prior express consent. This requirement will not be necessary in cases of vital emergency, as long as you prove to us that you are in your facilities and necessary for their care.

8º In case you want to unsubscribe from any type of commercial information, by electronic or postal, of services and promotions of the Clinic that may be of your interest or participate in satisfaction surveys of HappyClínica you can do it by writing to info@happyclínica .com or canceling the links enabled in the different emails from HappyClinica. Your electronic data will be deleted as soon as you want to revoke it, always without retroactive effects. It will be your consent who legitimizes the treatment