The Bionator is a functional device which bases its effect on the forces acting in the nasopharyngeal cavity which extend throughout the whole human being. It acts upon the oscillations or elasticity of the protoplasm of all the tissues. That is to say, the Bionator has influence over the dynamics of the live being; it is not focussed on the “extension” or the movement of a single tooth or a row of teeth. In fact, the morphological changes in the jawbone or the teeth are rather a side effect which naturally appears during the patient’s healing process.

This is the key which is so difficult to accept by most odontologists, which, in general, base their work on mechanical principles. Our objective is to adjust the dentition, but in reality one must start working on other areas.

The Constant Flow of the Shape

There are no established fixed shapes; everything is in continuous formation. The morphology of nature, of animate or inanimate beings emerges from movement, from the flow of liquid and gas elements. These oscillations can bring about morphological changes.

A healthy oral cavity is shaped like an egg, with the round end in ventral position. If the oral functions are altered, we will find the pointed end in ventral position. This warns us of the presence of blockages which impede the correct flow and normal morphological evolution of the oral cavity.


Holistic Orthodontics

The teeth and the oral cavity make up a whole and, at the same time are an integral part of the human being – from the holistic point of view.

A malocclusion of the jawbone shows a disfunction which can have consequences on speech, taste, ingestion, swallowing o the digestion of food. And thus, other areas such as breathing, smell and the perception of the world are affected. These disorders hinder the person from establishing a harmonious relationship between the exterior and the interior world.

The sense of hearing is also affected in this scenario and hearing problems cause language regressions. That is to say, if the oral cavity functions are affected, in most cases there will be consequences in the nasopharynx cavity, which in return will affect the ear to some extent or another. And when the organs in the nasopharynx cavity are not formed correctly, it affects breathing, chewing, the sense of smell and taste, as well as the articulation of sounds. Jaw anomalies are not independent illnesses, but part of, a manifestation of and a symptom of a major disfunction or anomaly.


However, there is no unique genetic morphological model. It is shaped through the recognisable movements of the tissues and fluids inherent to every being, manifested as a displacement of matter.

These differentiated movements are made possible by the Bionator, an orthodontics device developed by Balters, which frees the buccopharyngeal cavity of blockages transforming the function of the oral cavity. The Bionator re-educates the muscle movement to obtain a perfect swallowing; it purifies the tissues, it eliminates tensions and it frees the maxillary muscles. This is also achieved in adult patients: postural changes can be made, as well as liberating tensions affecting the craniofacial structures or other areas in the body, treat chronic diseases related to digestion, breathing or nervous disorders as well as many other pathologies whose cause may be found in the TMJ.


Moreover, Bionator is not aesthetically unpleasant and it allows the patient to speak.


We cannot separate what happens in the oral cavity from the rest of the organism, which is why acting only on the jawbone will only treat the symptom. However, the Bionator therapy acts directly on the base of the problem, it loosens blockages, frees movements, straightens and relocates teeth, it reestablishes harmony and in summary, takes the patient along its individual path.