Holistic medicine says we are a whole, that everything is interrelated: our organs, our emotions, our existential processes. Everything is related and by having the vision of the whole we are able to cure our ailments in a way that will help our body reach both a physical and emotional balance, allowing us to live more fully. But what happens when we have toothache? Or when our gums suffer for no apparent reason?

How can we understand and heal these processes in a way that will enable us to evolve in our life path and work with our dental health harmoniously like we do with the rest of our body?

Holistic dentistry at Barcelona

Holistic dentistry is the one which contemplates the whole Being through the teeth and the mouth. It observes all the relationships between the teeth and the organs and our evolution blockages which cause the disease. This is how a problem in the genital system can affect the inferior incisors and looking at it from an evolutionary point of view, a problem with sexuality and self-acceptance.

Holistic dentistry works like conventional dentistry, with state of the art technology and the newest innovations, but with a much wider view of the illness and its causes. Working together with all specialties, holistic dentistry will find support in therapies like Kinesiology, Homeopathy, subconscious therapies, Neural therapy, etc. to go even further and heal in a whole and comprehensive manner.

The study of the toxicity of materials and how they affect the body, like mercury amalgams, the different metal alloys, etc. make this type of dentistry highly specialised in preventing and avoiding allergies or focal infections. Using biological treatments and diagnostic methods we avoid the use of potentially toxic, allergenic or contaminating techniques, substances, medications and materials.

Specialties such as holistic orthodontics, removal of old amalgam fillings followed by a detoxication of the organism, metal-free dental implants, etc. are some of the branches this odontology can offer.