Oral rehabilitation is the part of Odontology in charge of restoration, i.e. to give back the aesthetic function and oral harmony through dental prosthesis in the case of tooth loss, massive destruction or even to solve cosmetic problems, always looking for a correct occlusion and function.

Holistic Rehabilitation

The holistic approach leads us to contemplate oral rehabilitations globally, paying special attention to the integrity of the patient, always seeking for the best occlusion, hence avoiding health problems that could arise otherwise.

At HappyClínica Barcelona we do surgical procedures and rehabilitations taking into account the patient’s anatomical posture and its relationship with the temporomandibular joint.


Metal-free Rehabilitations

We avoid the production of galvanic currents produced by metallic materials by testing which materials are the best for each patient. We do this through a Kinesiology test.

Metal-free Implants

We use different types of implants choosing the best one for each case.

Alternative Surgery

We work with minimum invasive techniques: dental laser, ozone and ultrasound, to avoid traumatic surgeries.

Monomer-free Prosthesis

We use prosthesis which are designed based on their articular function, using state of the art digital technology and made with monomer-free materials, hence avoiding the toxics produced by denture acrylics.