Otherwise known as Pyorrhoea, it is one of the most common mouth diseases. It is the bleeding of the gums. At its initial stages it is called gingivitis. If not adequately treated it worsens with the years and it starts to absorb the bone which holds the teeth, causing them to move.


Integral Treatment of the gingivitis

At HappyClínica Barcelona we treat periodontitis in an integral way, looking at the patient as a whole and carrying out different alternative treatments to recover the health of the gums permanently.

Apart from conventional plaque removal, we use a set of different therapies and techniques:

Ozone Therapy

It is applied to get rid of bacteria which cause the disease in a non-invasive way.

Dental Laser

Useful to disinfect. Used for small minimally-invasive surgeries.

Dental Bio-decodification

To treat the cause in the subconscious level.

Neural Therapy

To strengthen the area energetically and depolarise interfering areas.

Magnets Therapy

To get rid of bacteria causing the disease. (Biomagnetic Pair)

Functional Exerciser (Biognathor)

To strengthen the alveolar bone, thus avoiding bone mass loss.

Diet, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy

As therapeutic helpers to rise immunological levels in the patient.