A harmonious and balanced smile

Smile design is a study of facial harmony to achieve a more natural smile, based on a digital study of facial composition. This treatment brings aesthetic harmony, more beauty, confidence and safety in patients. From a brief photographic study and an osteopathic study that will determine the balance and structural axes, it is projected what would be your facial appearance with the new maxillofacial position and the new smile, perfectly balanced with our body.

When is it necessary to perform a smile study?

It is indicated for those dental situations that disharmonize the smile and the facial appearance, causing complexes and discomfort when it comes to smiling. When the smile is not balanced on our facial lines and causes an aesthetic disharmony, the design of smiles is extremely useful. Thanks to the new digital techniques, you can perform extremely detailed clinical studies of how the smiles will be once designed.

What is the treatment?

Smile Designs treatment is a study that encompasses a variety of specialties and dental treatments that change the appearance of our teeth such as orthodontics, dentures and dental implants. Through these treatments that depending on the case will be necessary or not, the different phases of the smile design will be realized in order to achieve a more secure and harmonic smiles.