What is neurofocal dentistry?

Neurofocal dentistry, a branch of neural therapy, is a discipline of dentistry that studies how to prevent, diagnose and treat; through the localization of interfering fields in the oral cavity; diseases caused by energy imbalances. Through neurofocal dentistry health diseases can be identified throughout the body through oral health.

An interconnected body

Neurofocal dentistry considers the oral cavity in relation to the whole body and not in isolation. It is framed within the “systems theory” where the part is only valid if it is studied integrated in the whole, that is, the study of the mouth is considered through the body. For example, when we study the oral occlusion of our patients we can not ignore the study of their postural habits that directly determine thermomandibular malocclusions.

Neurofocal dentistry addresses the dental study from the interrelations of the nervous system of the denture, both with the brain and with the rest of the organism, ie with almost all organs, bones, joints, muscles, glands, blood vessels, pairs cranial and other elements of our body. This discipline helps us address diseases called “rare” for traditional Western medicine such as fibromyalgia and also helps us relieve and cure many other aches and diseases.

In other words, neurofocal dentistry seeks the adequate treatment of all structures of the mouth including the denture through scientific studies of neurofocal dentistry.

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