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Problems associated with mercury

amalgamas de mercurio

Mercury amalgams have been shown to be highly toxic to the body

What are the health hazards associated with mercury amalgams or commonly called silver fillings? Basically there are two aspects that are primordial for which it is incompatible to carry this type of amalgam with the health of our body.
Cellular toxicity: Mercury is released from fillings and accumulates in different parts of the body by probing an extremely high level of mercury in our body. Mercury can be toxic to the nervous and immune systems, the digestive system, skin and lungs, kidneys and eye. More information about mercury damage in the body here.

Galvanism: This is the creation of electric currents in the mouth due to the presence of different metals in contact with saliva. These currents can provoke an interfering field that alters the normal flow of information from our organism in the basic system probocabdo ailments and diseases.

Pathologies associated with mercury amalgams

Mercury is a natural element with which we can coexist when exposed in very small quantities. When, however, when people are exposed to high levels of mercury, there are risks to the nervous and immune systems, the digestive system, and the lungs and kidneys. When large doses of mercury accumulate in our body this is able even to cross the blood-brain barrier reaching the brain and even the placenta passing to the fetus.

Safe Extraction of Amalgams

The protocol recommended by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) for patient and professional protection is as follows:

Protection of the patient against exposure to mercury:
• Keep amalgams cool.
• Use high volume double suction.
• Provide an alternate source of air.
• Immediate removal of the mercury alloy.
• Washing and changing gloves.
• Patient protection; Goggles, rubber dam, etc.
• Consider food aid.
• Keep room air pure.


The medication once extracted amalgam will depend on each clinical case but always recommended by a doctor. Among homeopathic medicine treatments may be needed homeopathy, homotoxicology, physiotherapy or trace elements.