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Bruxism causes and treatments

Bruxism comes from the Greek word Bryko: grinding your teeth. It’s the involuntary habit of grinding or clenching one’s dental structures with no functional purpose. Bruxism affects between 10% and 20% of the population, causing headaches, jaw disorders, earache and neck-ache.

Integral Treatment of Bruxism

At Happy Clínica we treat bruxism in an integral manner, looking for both its functional and emotional cause to avoid the use of a permanent mouthguard and contribute to a correct dental occlusion.

We treat temporomandibular joint-related problems (TMJ) looking for the most functional and less invasive approach, avoiding surgical treatments and reestablishing general health.

Holistic Orthodontics

We look for a permanent solution to bruxism through easing occlusion problems so as to stop using a mouthguard.

Kinesiologic Mouthguards

We adapt it to the position of the temporomandibular joint through Kinesiology to avoid problems with the TMJ and the person’s general posture.

Laser Biostimulation

We apply dental laser together with Herbal Medicine techniques to treat acute pain.


Treatment of the emotional cause of bruxism through Bio-decodification of the subconscious and essences.

Additional Support Therapies

Neural therapy, Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine to complement the treatment as needed.