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What is cross-bite?

What is cross-bite?

The posterior crossbite occurs when, in the molar zone, the mandible extends beyond the maxilla, which causes a blockage of the maxillary growth with numerous negative consequences.

In HappyClinica we perform a treatment without apparatus, for the correction of crossbites in children with primary or mixed dentition (approximately 3 – 8 years)

What is the treatment of crossbite?

This treatment consists of three main parts:

  • Some “tracks” of composite that are placed in the slabs of the crossed side.
  • Composite buttons are placed on the inner side of the upper molars on the cross side and on the outer side of the lower molars. The purpose of these buttons is to hold an elastic that will produce the descruce of the molars.
  • Functional and chewing exercises that will allow the muscular forces to be requilibrated and reprogrammed in a masticatory system.

All this is combined with osteopathic treatment, which helps to unblock the upper jaw and regulate the change in occlusion and posture. It is a simple and quick treatment, which involves the parents in the treatment and that is more fun for the child.
It is totally free of metals and braces that normally represent a fight on the part of the father that the child uses them. It does not interfere with speech or pronunciation so it will not be an obstacle to your performance in school.

Dr. Isabel Angulo Ferrer

mordida cruzada
mordida cruzada