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What is PNI?

The PNIE (Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology) is not a single discipline but rather an interdiscipline, which considers the human being as an integral individual, not only as the sum of several systems that make it up. In dentistry is also extrapolable and therefore the cure of oral diseases are made by analyzing and studying the different homeostatic systems of the organism, the systems: nervous (central and autonomous), immune (defenses) and neuroendocrine (hormones), nervous systems and behavior of each patient.

The PNIE studies the interrelation between the nervous system, the endocrine system, the immune system and the psychic apparatus. Being interrelated a change in one of the systems automatically affects our entire body. Due to this holistic and integrating vision, the study of diseases or diseases, in this case dental, covers the entire organism.

In this way the patient is treated in a holistic way, to be able to solve health problems from the root, and give definitive solutions.

Dr. Isabel Angulo Ferrer, specialist in orthodontics and craniomandibular dysfunction is doing the master in PsychoNeuroInmunoEndocrnilogía.