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Paula Esparza

N.º colegiada: 4856

Creator of Happy Clinic. Holistic and neurofocal dentist.

Specialist in the extraction of amalgams, treatment with bionator and biodescodi fi cation.

Paula created Happyclínica 10 years ago with the intention of creating a space where we can work with dentistry with more awareness and in an integral way. Trained as a yoga teacher while she was studying dentistry, Paula found through holistic dentistry, a way to integrate her longing for conscience with work as a dentist.

Paula studied Dentistry at the International University of Barcelona and did the specialty of neurofocal dentistry in Cali with Dr O’Byrne and Medical-Dental Kinesiology with SEKMO, in Madrid.

Diploma in neural therapy and different applied alternative therapies such as bioresonance and homotoxicology Paula does not stop investigating new procedures and techniques that can solve pathologies in a less invasive and more comprehensive way than conventional dentistry Paula loves the path of Truth and Being and teaches meditation and Advaita Vedanta (non-dualistic philosophy) for years.

He likes to work with people and talk from heart to heart.

He is passionate about observing the relationship between our way of thinking and illness.