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When is a dental cleaning necessary?

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It is a question that many we ask ourselves, how often is a mouth cleaning necessary? What is the normal periodicity for dental cleaning?

It is usually advisable to perform a mouth cleaning at least once a year, every six to twelve months, but as always, each case is a world and the advice varies according to each patient: the type of saliva, if you suffer from periodontal diseases , Food and hygiene habits …

Dental cleanings are not only necessary for an aesthetic issue but are essential as preventive treatments for ailments such as cavities, periodontal diseases such as inflammation of the gums and other ailments discomfort. Obviously they are also essential to reduce the coffee and tobacco spots that are generated in the dental place.

What do we get by doing a mouth cleaning?

A dental cleaning at the dentist first ensures a removal of the plaque and tartar that surrounds the dental pieces. This action is essential to combat the origin of the great majority of periodontal diseases and the formation of caries. It also has immediate aesthetic effects: it removes small coffee and tobacco stains and greatly reduces the deeper ones, so it is a less invasive way than the laser to whiten our teeth. Other considerations to keep in mind is that cleanings reduce oral prophylaxis, which is commonly understood as bad breath.

How is holistic dental cleaning?

In Happyclinica, we also perform oral cleansing with treatment of geotherapy, medicinal plants as a mouthwash to explore, identify and dissolve cellular, physical, emotional, mental and energy stress enhanced by geopathies. In addition, if there is excessive inflammation in the gums, we apply ozone therapy and neural therapy as perfect complements to disinfect the area of ​​microorganisms and give an energy boost to the system to heal the fastest reorganizing as only he knows.

In summary, oral cleaning is essential to prevent these ailments such as:

  • Halitosis
  • Genigivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Onset of cavities
  • Formation of plaque and bacterial plaque

In short, oral cleaning every year leads to improvements in our health. It is also a painless, quick and fairly inexpensive way to prevent diseases that in the long run not only cause us great inconvenience but a much greater expense and more investment of time to cure them.