Our philosophy

The philosophy behind HappyClínica was born at the feet of Bhagavan, (my?) spiritual master. When he found out what my profession was, he took my hand and told me “Work with love, take care of your patients with love.” These words go with me and my team, always looking how we can help and support the patient, looking for the best solutions to find balance and total wellbeing.

Dr. Paula Espaza

Holistic Odontologist and Director at HappyClínica

Foto de la Recepción de HappyClínica

The Holistic Approach

Holistic and quantum medicine have started to talk about illness and pain not just happening because of a problem with the physical mechanism, but as a symptom that something in the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual system is not balanced. In order to balance our system and put an end to the origin of the symptomatology it is important to consider all the fields (physical, energetic, mental and spiritual) and to balance them. This is how complete healing will occur avoiding chronic diseases and invasive surgery.

The facilities

Box de Odontología en HappyClínica
Paula Esparza trabajando en un Box de Odontología en HappyClínica
Sala de espera de HappyClínica
El Equipo de HappyClinica
Pilar Miguel en la Recepción de HappyClinica

Training Room – Renta a room

At HappyClínica Barcelona we have a +50 square meters training room to do courses, workshops, conferences and all type of activities related to holistic therapies.

If you are interested in using the room for an activity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sala de formación de HappyClínica