Geobiology is the science which studies the energies that are released by the Earth and the relationship between those energies and live beings.

The energies which emanate from the Earth are natural, electromagnetic energies and they have an impact on our organism which generates stress.

A very long exposition to a place which has these energies can result in a health issue.

Geopathic areas, which is the name given to these places, produce geopathic alterations such as underground water, geological faults, geomagnetic nets (Hartman and Curry lines) and environmental radioactivity.

A geobiological study will find the underground water and the Hartman and Curry lines which are affecting a particular place, allowing us to know where those energy sources are the strongest and thus affecting us the most.

Such a study will be very useful for our house, office or workplace to know if we are exposed to those energies and figure out what is the best place for our bed, sofa, our office and in general wherever we spend most of our time.

Treatment of Geopathic Stress

We use advanced Kinesiology protocols to drain the geopathic stress form the body and the energetic structures, treating all the affected areas. We revise the immune system in all cases to strengthen it, draining all the stress from all the neurology implicated (organs, glands, cells, hormones, receptors, etc.).

At HappyClínica Barcelona We combine and apply different techniques offering one of the most complete means to explore, identify and dissolve physical, emotional, mental and energetic cellular stress caused by geopathies.