What is Ayurvedic Nutrition?

Based on the therapeutic medicine of India, this type of diet counts on centuries of tradition in the south-east Asian. Ayurveda means “Science of Life” and is the traditional medicine of India. It is a healing system, a way of conceiving health as a balance body, mind and spirit, and a whole philosophy of life.

Phases of treatment

  • Dosha study and altered energy.
  • Indication of foods, infusions and species recommended according to imbalance.
  • Elaboration of the diet according to dosha and the specific pathology.
  • Routine plan to follow to help the body regain its balance and well-being, both physical, mental and emotional.
  • It is complemented by work of memories of the inscientific.

Duration: between an hour and a half or two.
Price: First visit: 70 euros. (Dosha study, altered dosha, study of the mind, work of the unconscious and elaboration of the ayurveda diet)

Next visits: 35 euros. Diet and emotional work review (40 minutes- 1 hour)