What are family Constellations?

Family Constellations seek the reestablishment of the “Orders of Love” within the human systems. They were developed by the German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in the 80’s and they can be applied both individually or in a group. Constellations have developed over the years and since 2007 the key word in them is “to let it happen”.

 How are the family constellations formed?

A Family Constellation is formed when a person wants to solve a specific issue in his/her life, understand the deep roots of his/her behaviour or someone else’s, and change the way s/he is living a specific situation. In a very short time one can get a clear understanding of unconscious dynamics, implications and obligations which are passed on generation after generation, which perpetrate conflict. At the same time, we are offered the opportunity to start solution movements.

 How are they done?

There are two ways to do therapy using Family Constellations:

  • One-to-One Session:
    In this type of session the therapist uses dolls to create the social or family theatre, showing the patient the family and social relationships and implications. This therapy is used to reach a better understanding of a specific issue, to bring “light” and heal synergies.
  •  Group Session:
    In this session there will be a group of 10 people who will move in synergy to create a “living theatre” to show the situation and bring deeper understanding to the person who is looking for a solution for a specific issue.