Orthodontics is an Odontological specialty which studies, prevents, diagnoses and treats anomalies in shape, position, relationship and function of the dental-maxillofacial structures.

Holistic Approach

At HappyClínica Barcelona we don’t treat the dental and maxillary positions separately; we observe the whole musculoskeletal system, since by adjusting the jaw position we are able to develop a permanent healthy body posture. By harmonising all the body functions involved and encouraging a natural and correct development of the person’s physical, mental and emotional aspects, we are able to attain a better oxygenation of the brain and muscles, correct nasal breathing, encourage de development of speech, strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of infections.


Treatment Without Removal

We always prioritise treatments which avoid the removal of teeth.


Without Cracks or Pains

We correct the position of the teeth in order to ensure a harmonious relationship with the temporomandibular joint.


Correct Position

It exercises the correct position of the tongue and the adequate movement in swallowing and harmonizes the whole musculoskeletal system.


Facial Improvements

It helps nasal breathing and improves language and facial aesthetics with a low incidence of relapse due to the possibility of self-regulation.


Body Posture

It improves the placement of the spine and the head.


Breaking Bad Habits

It gets rid of bad habits which can harm your health, such as grinding or clenching one’s teeth.