Kinesiology is the science which evaluates the functional state of the body through the use of tests such as muscle strength testing.


The patient’s response to the muscle strength testing is an internal dialogue between himself and the therapist. It is the response of the nervous system. When the patient is unable to control the muscle tone we are able to say s/he is under a pathological or potentially pathological state.

At HappyClínica Barcelona we use Kinesiology to diagnose pathologies both at a physical and energetic level. We select the materials and drugs to be used (e.g. anaesthesia) with each patient individually. Everyone is unique and what works with one person may be detrimental to another.

Kinesiology also helps us make perfect-occlusion prosthesis in harmony with the whole cranial-mandibular-cervical-sacral complex postural balance. Because of this therapeutic tool we are able to know the correct height to the tenths of a millimeter precision.

Back pain, which seemed impossible to get rid of, is resolved when we use Kinesiology to treat the patient’s mouth, because we are able to allow the body to recover its natural balance and harmony.