Decoding is a therapeutic method based on the meaning or biological sense of the symptoms. We want to find the connection between the symptom and a specific feeling and by working on that feeling we are able to improve or completely eradicate the symptoms.

Concept of Dental Biodecoding

Holistic medicines states that every illness and every pain is the product of a conflict kept in our subconscious. A traumatic event lived and not overcome generates a conflict, which if unresolved, produces an energetic blockage in a specific part of the body, impeding complete recovery.

Biodecoding is a therapy which treats the conflict at a cellular level, making pathologies and illnesses disappear not needing medicines or invasive surgery.


Method of Dental Biodecoding

Dental biodecoding is a quick and simple method which uses the holistic dentist’s sensitivity and an energetic device called Bioaktivator which identifies and solves those conflicts with the family, with relationships or with one self, making problems with the gums, cavities or implants disappear – avoiding surgeries, endodontic or other invasive treatments.


Application of Dental Biodecoding

At HappyClínica Barcelona we use this method on our first visits and to test materials before starting our treatments.

In this way we asure that the area is energetically balanced and it will accept future treatments